Holistic growth and development are at the heart of every Seattle University education. Our faculty and curriculum challenge students to think critically and broadly as students stretch their wings. Yet, witnessing a student adjust to a rigorous academic environment while balancing new social interactions can be of great concern to many parents and families. Our office of Parent and Family Engagement is dedicated to you, the families and parents of our Seattle University community.

Here, you’ll find information on the many on-campus academic support services dedicated to the care of each student as part of our commitment to excellence in learning and social justice. Additionally, you will find valuable information to assist you as an integral part of your student’s support system as they transition to university life. 

Alvin Sturdivant, Vice Provost for Student Development

Vice Provost for Student Development

On behalf of the entire university, I extend a warm welcome to all families and parents of our new Redhawks. You are both a very important part of our community and a vital support system to your student. We’re here to help you navigate how to buoy your student during this critical time of their growth and development. Please join us in ensuring that your student gets the most out of Seattle University. We look forward to getting to know you! Alvin Sturdivant, Ed.D.

Students Who Are Parents

Student Services Are Here For You

Students who are parents juggle many responsibilities while in college. The Parent and Family Engagement Office is here to support you in balancing family, school and work life. Seattle University offers you community on campus dedicated to supporting your needs and carving a successful path toward graduation.